Over one thousand(1000) members of the All Progressives Congress, APC defected to the PDP after claiming the party left them in the dark.

The members, from four different factions of the party in the state, announced their decision at Agbarha-Otor Ward saying the PDP’s umbrella is enough to cover them, further stressing that the brooms APC brought have swept away their blessings.

The defectors also said, “All the promises of APC in Agbarha-Otor Ward, we’ve not seen anyone from National to Local Government level. We’ve not seen any of APC development project in Agbarha-Otor Ward. We cannot continue to stay in the dark.
“Today is a day of change in PDP in Agbarha-Otor politics. That’s why we said no: All the APC members in Agbarha-Otor and our leadership, everybody said enough is enough. That’s why we dropped the broom to join the umbrella. Let the umbrella cover us.”

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