The Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP’s Presidential aspirant, Tope Fasua has revealed his non-participation in the ‘consensus’ that picked Fela Durotoye as PACT’s candidate.

Fasua, an economist, said on weekly political programme on Television Continental, TVC, Political Stew that of all sixteen(16) Presidential Aspirants Coming Together(PACT) members, there were 11 of them present on the day Durotoye was picked. He further said about four of them left and the final consensus was made by 7 people.

Fasua argued that the process of picking a consensus candidate came too early for PACT, attributing the hastiness in operations to “naivety” shown by Nigerians.

He said Nigerians wanted them to pitch their tents together and have a more widespread area to fall under, hence the birth of the group. However, despite the hiccups faced in ideas on moving forward, Fasua expressed belief that they could reunite and chart a progressive course.

The economist said on Political Stew that he wouldd have preferred each member of the group(PACT) get the ticket of their respective parties before picking a consensus candidate. He insisted that tussling for a party’s candidature may flaw the whole process of picking the consensus candidate.

Fasua said Kingsley Moghalu, a Presidential aspirant of the Young Progressive Party(YPP), whose activities have not gone unnoticed by Nigerians bore the major brunt. Moghalu rejected the position of PACT on consensus and insisted he will contest under the aegis of his party.

Quizzed on the possibility of a consensus merely being a rejuvenation or continuation of the old calls, Fasua explained it was what Nigeria wanted and asked for. “Nigerians wanted a consensus candidate and that was why we came together to form PACT,” he said.

Furthermore, Fasua explained his manifesto, made into a book on the ways to grow Nigeria. He dished out raw figures on the situation of Nigeria and spoke on his plans for the country if elected. He said agriculture will be a veritable tool towards diversification of the economy and insisted the use of taxations must be on the front burner. Fasua made the United States as an analogy as he compared Nigeria to a cradle whose growth should be faster than a grown man.

He said the areas of government funds from levies, tariffs and other taxations must be holistically looked into as key areas that will help in the growth of the nation’s economy while not being unmindful of the challenges that may occur in getting it done.

Political Stew is being anchored by ace broadcaster, Sulaiman Aledeh. 

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