Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar could not hold back his tears while collecting the expression of interest and nomination forms of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP purchased for him by supporters of his presidential ambition in Abuja on Friday

Atiku who was overwhelmed by emotions was handed the forms by Adekemi Adesanya, a member of the Atiku Support Groups (ASG) at his Presidential Campaign office.

Abubakar said the act was significant because without his knowledge, young people pooled resources to purchase the forms for him.

“The event today is significant and historic because this is the only time in my political career that young men and women in this country have come together without my knowledge or even consent to contribute their own hard-earned money to buy me an expression of interest and nomination forms,” he said.

Responding to Adekemi’s graphic explanation of the sorry state of the nation, the former vice president who was seen sobbing said he is honoured to be seen as a hope for the nation.

“You could have seen that one of the ladies who spoke virtually succeeded in getting me to weep. This is because she aptly described the challenges every Nigerian is facing in this country today and she believed honestly and sincerely from the bottom of her heart that i could be an instrument of addressing those challenges.

“So, for such a woman to believe that I have got those leadership qualities and including those of you who have brought out your monies to by this form, is one of the most serious challenges I have ever faced in my political career.

“And believe me, addressing those challenges‎ is possible because we have brought young men and women, Nigerians who have got the talents, who have got the education, who have got the experience, who have got all what it take to honestly turn this country around.

Atiku also noted that the slow pace of development can be attributed to lack of consistent and favorable leadership strategies in the country by successive administrations .

“Putting together such talented ‎young Nigerians requires leadership and it is that leadership we have not been fortunate enough to have on a consistent basis thus that this country has not been able to take her rightful rightful position in Africa and indeed, the world.

He praised the Late Retired Nigerian Army Major General, Shehu Yar’dua who taught him the basics of politics and how to resist partisan politics.

“The man who actually brought me into politics, the late Shehu Yar’dua, when he invited me as a young man told us to break the regional siege that every parts of this country had been subjected to. He asked us reach out to every Nigerian across the Niger. To him and for him, that was a major objective; so when he died and I decided to build the Yar’ Adua centre in his memory”

While appreciating his supporters,Atiku assured them of his commitment to creation of employment opportunities for youths once elected into office as president.

He equally urged them to troop out enmasse on the day of form submission saying “let us overwhelm the PDP secretariat, let us bring Abuja to a stand still such that the PDP will have no alternative than to give us the ticket,” he said.

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