Ekiti state Governor, Kayode Fayemi on Friday presented a budget of N129.924,472,135.01 billion for 2019 to the state House of Assembly for consideration.

Fayemi said the budget was judiciously tailored towards good governance and speedy economic recovery for Ekiti state and its people.

A budget of restoration

Tagged a “Budget of Restoration”, Fayemi noted that the 2019 budget has been structured in a manner that will liberate the state from poverty and underdevelopment which it experienced in the previous administration.

Ekiti state Governor, Kayode Fayemi

Fayemi also said that the budget was based on the 4 pillars of his administration, which include Social Investment, Knowledge Economy, Infrastructure and Industrial Development and Agriculture and Rural Development.

“I am not on a revenge mission, but rather, I am back as a healing balm on a painful wound. We as a responsible government are not interested in trials by media, political witch hunt or playing to the gallery merely to achieve cheap popularity.

“That is why this administration is not set out to abandon any of the ongoing projects embarked upon by my predecessor, especially considering the fact that such projects are being financed by the state taxpayers.

“A bottomline approach was adopted in preparing the budget to really meet the yearnings of the people and return the state to its rightful place among the comity of states.

“This was why I made sure government consulted widely and gathered the inputs of all stakeholders in achieving a budget that will reflect collective aspirations, needs and demands for sustainable growth of all the 16 Local Government Areas,” he said.

Breakdown of the budget

The budget is composed of N57, 214, 891, 758.72 for capital expenditure and N72, 709, 580 , 376.29 as recurrent expenditure .

The capital expenditure represents 44 per cent, while the recurrent expenditure is about 56 per cent of the budget.

Also, infrastructure takes the largest share and will gulp a sum of N40, 122, 788, 579. 83 while a total of N33, 393, 440, 901.80 was earmarked for social investment drives.

Fayemi’s pledge to the Ekiti people.

Reviewing the performance of his first term as governor, Fayemi said: “this year has been a year of uncertainty for Ekiti State and Ekiti Kete. However, the cheering news is that we are ending the year on a hopeful and promising note.

“With your continued supports and commitment to 4-point agenda of this administration, we will together chart a new course for greater tomorrow we will all be proud of.

“We have assumed office, we have embarked on extensive work in examining the state’s finances , our domestic economy, the challenges we confront, and opportunities before us.

“We promise you to live up to the expectation of publishing details of the State finances during the first 100th day of this government”, he said.

Rebuilding Ekiti requires unity- Alagbada

Speaking earlier, the Speaker of Ekiti state House of Assembly, Adeniran Alagbada said the task of rebuilding Ekiti to a model requires the services and collaboration of the three arms of government.

He assured members that never again shall the State House of Assembly engage the executive in battle of wit and control.

Alagbada said the political events of the recent time had made Ekiti a laughing stock in Nigeria, saying the state stands a chance of recovering fast with Fayemi, an accomplished scholar, at the helm of affairs.

“Those expecting the Ekiti State House of Assembly to be a battlefield or a war zone should better look elsewhere, because they will be is appointed .

“Our governor is a listening administrator who accords every arm of government deserved respect and dignity. He is not going to be a meddlesome interloper like others.”

He also promised that the budget proposal would be favourably considered and granted passage in the overall interest of the State.

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