Kassim Afegbua, a Spokesman of the PDP’s Presidential Campaign has revealed the 2019 election is neither about the PDP, nor Atiku.

Afegbua was a guest on the weekly political show, Political Stew, aired on TVC.

He made a host of revelations, as he discussed politics and the 2019 Presidential election with ace broadcaster, and host of the show, Sulaiman Aledeh.

Kassim Afegbua

Afegbua said the 2019 election is about the people and what they deserve but the PDP will be a vehicle to achieve their aims.

He spoke strongly about the chances of Presidential candidate of the party, Atiku Abubakar.

Afegbua said there are no lingering crises in the PDP as the frenzy witnessed after the Presidential primary election has died down, and there is a better show of support for the party’s presidential candidate. He also spoke about the brouhaha generated by the choice of Peter Obi as Atiku’s running mate, revealing that state governors and concerned individuals have been approached and all has been settled.

Afegbua said that the issues currently plaguing the nation are; national disunity and insecurity.

He said the government of the day has not done enough on both issues especially insecurity, alleging that the problem has persisted, yet enough has not been done to stop the insurgents.

When quizzed on the solution to insecurity, Afegbua said the creation of jobs is the ultimate step to take to mitigate insecurity.

He said Atiku has been a creator of jobs with almost 50,000 people working in his various companies across the federation.

He added he was a staunch internal critic of the Buhari administration’s alleged docility to issue of insecurity.

Afegbua said Atiku is a man of the people and has several successful businesses that have made him a ‘consensus in job creation’.

He revealed a lack of access to the President when he was in the APC as he was a critic of the unresponsive nature of the President to problems of governance.

On the similarities in scope of operations and individuals in the APC and PDP, Afegbua said the ruling party ignored members from the PDP despite their efforts in the 2015 election.

”The APC shot itself in the foot during the Senate Presidency. They contended about who will become the Senate President because there was a clash of interests in the party.”

”Whereas it easy for them to say they are corrupt when they moved back to PDP?

2019 is about what Nigerians deserve, not about PDP, nor Atiku, but Nigerians will be using the PDP as a vehicle.

I will vote for Atiku, PDP and we will change the narrative if this country,” he concluded.

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