Ahead of the governorship elections in Kwara state, Abdulazeez Oniyangi, an aspirant contesting under the platform of New Progressive Movement (NPM) has assured citizens that he would draw up plans to fix the health care system in the state if elected as Governor in 2019.

He made this disclosure on Political Stew while speaking on his agenda for the citizens of Kwara state.



Who is Abdulazeez Oniyangi?

The Kwara born indigene who is aspiring to become the next Governor of Kwara State is a graduate of Business administration from the Ahmadu Bello University

He is the son of one of the first northern medical Doctors in Nigeria, Dr. Abdulkadir Suleiman Oniyangi and his mother is Hajia Memunat Oniyangi, a member of the popular Idiagbon family.

The business oriented politician who is passionate about health care servives said his decision to join mainstream politics is based on bringing about a paradigm shift to Kwara state.


Oniyangi’s stance on healthcare in Kwara state.

According to Oniyangi, the present administration in Kwara state has failed in different sectors especially the health care sector.

He posited that a lot could be done differently and his plans would revive the health care system in the state by placing kwara on the map as an haven for top notch health care services in the country.

“The NPM knows for a fact that Kwara state is not doing well. This is not the state we used to know in the seventies and I believe a lot of things can be done differently.

“The health care system is very bad and we can not continue this way as a lot of structures are down with huge problems plaguing the state.

“A fresh approach is needed and this involves a lot evolution, aggressive thinking and changing the narratives essentially which I will put in place once elected.

While providing statistics about the poor health system in the country, Oniyangi revealed plans to ensure Kwara state becomes a ‘hub of healthcare’ and a favourite destination for medical purposes.

”In Nigeria we have a problem with medical tourism. As at 2015, reports note that we spend about 2.5 billion dollars in Capital flight on medical tourism. Out of 8 million nigerians, 30 thousand spend that in a year going to destinations such as US, UK, Cairo and Sudan.

“Why can’t Kwara state be a hub for medical tourism? We can identify these favourite locations, engage in training and bring in modern equipments. Through this we would reduce cost and internal generated revenue would increase”


Oniyangi’s agenda for a better Kwara

Oniyangi based his agenda on three major fundamentals including Agriculture, Health Care and Education which he maintains would be the focal points of his administration.

On Agriculture, he promised to change the face of farming in the state by financing agricultural products, building resorts and providing farmers with initiatives to effectively aid their activities.

On education, he assured citizens of better welfare packages for teachers and students alike saying that the importance inherent in educating generations of individuals can not be over rated.

According to him, he had gotten acquainted with the needs of the people to know that unemployment was a major challenge.

Thus he maintained that during his administration, youths would be gainfully employed and in turn enjoy the dividends of democracy.

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