Legendary former Nigerian footballer, Segun Odegbami has revealed his revolution plans for Ogun State, ahead of the 2019 elections.

He was a guest on weekly political programme that airs on TVC, Political Stew. 

Odegbami, who will be flying the flag of the Zenith Labour Party(ZLP), previously known as the Labour Party in Ogun in 2019 said he’s going in as an underdog, with no pressure, yet with victory solely on his mind.

The Shooting Stars Sports Club(3SC) of Ibadan legend, who also captained the Green Eagles in his heydays said Ogun State has enough people with capacity in every facet of life to propel the state to a world beater.

Who Is Segun Odegbami?

Segun Odegbami, 66, known as ”Mathematical Sege” in his Green Eagles(now Super Eagles) days was an incredibly skillful winger. He played for 3SC of Ibadan throughout his playing career, from 1970 to 1984, and is one of the pioneer students, and graduates of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Odegbami has been actively involved in Medical consultancy with several organisations with his focus on helping to maintain top physical conditions. He is also one of the Directors of one of Nigeria’s most well followed sports outlet, Complete Communications Limited, owners of Complete Sports.

He has been a columnist with Complete Sports for years, and also runs a sports broadcast show in NTA.

Odegbami, at different times has contested for the position of the NFF President, and was highly touted at a time to be FIFA’s first African president.

What Does Odegbami Have For Ogun State? 

Odegbami said he was never interested in becoming the governor of Ogun State. He revealed that the circumstances that triggered his ambition, and desire were overwhelming.

Aware of his perceived inadequacy of  resources, he said he came in with a mindset to change the life of Ogun State people, and place the state where it should be posited in the scheme of things.

”I’m not chasing fame, and fortune, and in fact, I think I’m better known than many Nigerian governors,” he said.

”I never lived in Ogun State until 12 years ago. I was brought up in Jos, and most of my friends are Northerners. In order to get grounded with the system, I joined the Afenifere Renewal Group.

”The Yoruba people are black, strong, young, are people with high capacity, and one of the most progressive people in the world.” Odegbami said these qualities qualify Ogun State for greatness, but that has not been evident.

”In a state where a woman gives birth, and the baby dies because the hospital could not provide an incubator in three hours. Something has to be done.”

Odegbami’s Tripartite Plans For Better Ogun State

Odegbami said his main areas of concentration are; Health, Education, and Sports. Odegbami detailed on his experience as a school administrator with The International Academy, Wasimi, Abeokuta dishing out students to local, and foreign universities. He said he had previously won awards for his efforts in education of students who combine sports, and academics seamlessly.

”Five American Universities gave ten of the fourteen graduating students we had scholarships for their knowledge in sports, and academics.

”I have been a recipient of an award with an organisation in the U.K where Tony Blair is an ambassador.

”In health, I’ve worked with the Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya, and I was a consultant with the International Development Research Centre in Canada. I was at the 13th World Health Congress in Ethiopia, and I was the only non-medical personnel there. I also consult for the Nigerian Heart Foundation(NHF).

”My motto is; The People: My Priority, and the people of Ogun State should be ready for a revolution. Cultural revolution, and political revolution. We are going to do contrary to the ways it’s being done- we are not doing power-playing, godfatherism, and there won’t be corruption, and we are going to win with a landslide.”

The People Are My Structure- Odegbami

When asked about the presence of a structure for him, as many people have raised their concerns at his lack of structure to be his biggest Achilles heel to the success of his governorship ambition. He said;

”The retirees, the handicapped, the elderly, the students in school that want to make a living out of sports are my structure. They are the electorates.”

Media, And Sports As Winning Tools

The Wasimi Chief said his partners in the media will have to forgive him because he told nobody about his ambition. He said he knows he would have been discouraged if he had informed his friends in the media, as many would have warned him against dragging his clean slate in the often muddy Nigerian politics.

”I have offended my people in d media but they are part of those that’ll make me win. I didn’t seek their opinions, or permission or advice.

If I’d gone to the media, I’d have been discouraged, but now I’ve gotten to a point of no return.

”We the media, we have won. And with the other constituency, the coaches, the administrators, students in school who want to do sports, the arts in totality, they will stand behind me.”

On Politics And Thuggery

”Most people known to follow sports are the people on the streets. The drivers, conductors, and those are the people that will stand behind me also. I am the President of thugs.

I had once been looted in Ibadan before, and I was taken to the head of the robbers in that area, and my properties were brought back untouched.”

When asked on what he will do to rehabilitate the thugs, Odegbami said his government will be an inclusive one, that is leaving no stone unturned, and nobody behind.

”We must make all our people productive. Every government institution must provide facilities for the physically challenged.

The Arts is the third largest industry in the world. And our youths are into sports, music, drama, film, etc. We must provide facilities for them to thrive.

I am just a tool of God to come and answer to the cries of my people. Sports, Economics, health, education, name it. Ogun State has capacity in superabundance.

Everything is perfect for us to move to the 24th century.”

On How He Hopes To Cope With Financial Commitments

Odegbami said he’s not afraid of the people’s penchant for money. He said he will not spend anything beyond the support he gets from his well-wishers, his personal money, and if need be, he will launch a fundraiser.

He revealed he’s not under any form of pressure, and spoke to Chief Obafemi Awolowo on his grave site to seek clarity on the way to go for him.

”I called Professor Banji Akintoye the next morning, and asked him what Obafemi Awolowo would have done if he were to be in my shoes. He said I should denounce the mainstream political parties, and the disciples of Awolowo that have been pretending to be carrying on with his ideologies. It is why I’ve chosen the Zenith Labour Party.

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