In a stark contrast to Shehu Garba’s assertive opinion, President Muhammadu Buhari has denied his famous 800metres walk in Daura to be a proof of physical fitness.

Buhari revealed that he had to walk because of the many people who wanted to see him but couldn’t when he sat in his official vehicle. He said he had to step out for the people to see him, with the confidence that he won’t get hurt by his people.

The President had received different grades of criticisms with his oppositions establishing several innuendos on Twitter, to troll him.

Atiku Abubakar, most especially also took a picture where he claimed he’s a regular miler and exerciser and said Garba Shehu’s claim of 800m being a pointer to good health does not hold water.

“Let me react to some media reports about my trekking on Sallah day insinuating that I trekked to demonstrate my fitness for 2019 presidential election,” he said.

‘‘They were not seeing me so I came down so they could see me. I didn’t need to convince anyone about my health and the decision to contest for a second term- a decision that I made public in April this year.

“After the prayer, I noticed that many people wanted to see and I was in a black vehicle and security men were blocking them from seeing me.

“So, I opted to trek in spite the security implications because I knew nothing would happen to me by the grace of Allah.”

The president used the opportunity of his meeting with his kinsmen to inform them that he has directed the ministry of agriculture and the CBN to review the procedure on the issuance of loans to smallholder farmers.

“We want to make it easier for them to assess the loans, particularly the underprivileged people in the society,” he said.

“It has become necessary for the government to do this because banks will insist on collaterals which majority of farmers do not have.

“For our agriculture policy to succeed, we must be able to reach smallholders farmers with loans without collaterals. Collateral are always a problem with smallholder farmers.’’

Buhari also highlighted the achievements of the administration on local rice productions, which had expectedly led to the reduction of imports by over 90 percent.

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