Cameroon President, Paul Biya is seeking to become President of the Central African nation for the 7th time.

Biya, 85 has been widely criticised for mismanaging Cameroon’s security upheavals in his 36 years as President. He became the president of Cameroon in 1982.

Biya is facing distrust and a lack of confidence from the Anglophone-Cameroonians who have complained of being marginalised in their country.

The Anglophone Cameroonians, with a vast majority of them from Southern Cameroon believe the more Northern French speaking Cameroonians have scuttled their development.

The Anglophones sought for independence last year, under the name ‘Ambazonia’ with Julius Ayuk Tabe as their President.

A report from the United Nations says 246,000 people have been internally displaced due to violence in Northern Cameroon with 25,000 moving to Nigeria.

Biya’s quest for presidency again has been widely criticised, despite his typical landslide victories in previous elections.

Cameroon has had 11 elections since their independence in 1960.

With minimal reforms and few developmental projects going on in the country, Cameroonians haven’t hidden their distaste and displeasure towards Biya’s government.

The youngest candidate vying in Sunday’s election is a former journalist, Cabral Libii, 38 who enjoys the support of the youth that make up 60% Cameroon’s population.

Cameroon’s total population is 24million.

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