Political Stew is Nigeria’s foremost all-politics platform solely for political news, analysis and national development in Nigeria and around the world. Political Stew airs on TVC News on DSTV 418, GoTV 45, Terrestrial TV, DTH UHF 49 and in the U.K on Sky 515.

About The Programme

Political Stew with Sulaiman Aledeh is a live talk show on television that brings the people abreast of daily political happenings around the world, especially in Nigeria. For the much of 2018, the show highlights buildups to the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. The show dissects the personality of the gladiators as they manoeuvre both the internal and external party politicking, as well as the legal implications of the moves by the electoral body as it plays umpire in the electoral process.

The show is meticulous, bold and unrelenting as it serves the viewers every side to the issue on every issue surrounding the elections. The show is ubiquitous as it draws on an extensive library of footages and reports from across the country to bring clarity and perspective to every matter concerning politics and political events as they unravel across the globe.