Bola Tinubu.

When the President appointed the Asiwaju of Lagos as the head of his party’s reconciliation committee, I had my doubt as whether he is the fit and proper person for such an important position. He might have been suitable some years back but not now! This man is having lots of self created conflicts within his southwest domain that such a person cannot be trusted to effect reconciliation in APC in Nigeria, after all, they say charity begins at home, not at Charity Bus Stop! We are seeing the success of the reconciliation efforts!

When I considered how he deployed huge resources to ensure that his party loses the election in Ondo state and how he was partisan in a recent Ekiti election, I have no doubt that he cannot reconcile many people in the party! Even in Lagos state, he has fallen out with many of his erstwhile foot soldiers, like Fashola, Banire, Oki, to mention a few!

With the foregoing in mind, I was not surprised when the three alien senators purportedly representing Lagos state, wrote a joint petition to their father’s enemy, the senate President, to object to the appointment of Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN as the chairman of AMCON.

Looking at these sin-ators, I have not been seen them making sensible contributions on the floor of the senate, rather they chose to continue the war between their father and the senate President by keeping quiet to the detriment of Lagosians, after all, it has no bearing on their iniquitous fat pay cheques! After Mrs. Tinubu failed in her bid for special status for Lagos, which would have made her husband the alternate President of Nigeria, I have not noticed her making any serious contribution in the senate. Even worse are the other two!

Come to think of it, if the mountain of Ibadan is demanding for a cow sacrifice, should it be heard from or announced by the mouth of an Ebira man? Mrs. Tinubu is an Itshekiri woman from Delta State, while Solo is from Ogun State, he recently bidded for but failed to get Ogun state governorship ticket because he was choked out by Amosun’s incredulous and well oiled political machinery even months before the primaries! Ashafa claimed to have come from Epe, just like Ambode,(an Ilaje man) did.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to non Lagosian becoming something in Lagos, Lagos is a land of opportunities but they must recognize and adopt(Sic) a broad based ideology not a myopic and fickle minded agenda!

In the first place, I do not believe that AMCON chairmanship was zoned to Lagos state, it is entirely within the discretion of the President to pick any person he considers as competent and suitable for the job. I have no doubt that the choice of the President is a good one! Banire has Ph.D in law, a senior advocate, three term commissioner in Lagos state! The President could not have made a better decision!

If Femi Pedro and Koro, once sworn enemies of lessee of Lagos state, are now friends of Asiwaju, it is inconceivable that Banire who stood with him when Koro led Federal troops to invade Lagos should now be seen as the enemy of bourdillon! No wonder they say in politics, there is no permanent enemy or friend!

I think this plot is bound to fail! The timing is ill-conceived, no rational senator from outside Lagos state at this critical point in time will not support efforts to clip the wings of Lagos warlord!

I’m not a fan of PDP or APC but a supporter of Buhari! Someone imposed an incompetent chairman on my LCDA, who has not done anything reasonable since he assumed office last year, while the young man in Somolu LGA has been doing great, transforming his domain and you expect to hail such person!

Dave Ajetomobi

Opinion contained in this article is strictly the writer’s and not Aledeh’s.

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