Former National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muiz Banire has responded to the petition filed by the three Senators representing Lagos State, rejecting his appointment as the Chairman of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON.

President Buhari had appointed Banire as AMCON Chairman until the rejection by the Senators who claim he is not fit for the position.

In a Press Release signed by Banire, he claimed that the position is not a “Quota Appointment” that must be delegated to a region or person but that his appointment is based on personal trust in his abilities to deliver. He said President Buhari appointed him because he has great belief in his experience and appreciates his previous performances.

Banire also revealed he is not ready to serve any man but acts based on his covenant with God to serve his people when opportune.

Banire argued that his appointment requires no special approval adding that, “I was nominated simply as a Nigerian in whom the appointer has a lot of confidence and who is prepared to give his all in service of his fatherland”.

Banire also advised his supporters to be peaceful in their defiance against the move made by the Senators as he trusts the National Assembly to do the needful.

“In view of this, I urge all my well wishers to remain calm in the face of this provocation as I am optimistic that the proper thing will ultimately be done by the Senate as has been done in the past.

“They should please not engage them on any street contest. It would be recalled that similar objection did not succeed in preventing the confirmation of Olusegun Aganga, Babatunde Fashola, SAN and even Musiliu Obanikoro as Ministers, even when, unlike in my case, their Ministerial positions were Constitutionally mandated to be filling Lagos State quota representation in the Federal Executive Council”, Banire stated.

The former Lagos State Commissioner for Environment reminded his traducers that he is not desperate for a political office as he has enough to survive on.

He wrote, “Beyond the above, let me also state clearly that I am blessed with so many alternative contact addresses and consequently, do not desperately need a political job to survive.

“ It is those who are professional politicians and whose survival depends on such that can be so threatened. Here I am, a professional in politics.

“Of course, if this is a continuation of the consistent harassment, intimidation and threat to gag my advocacy for good governance and  the rule of law, the effect unfortunately is otherwise.

“It strengthens me further and makes me resolute in my crusade. I shall continue to interrogate and agitate issues of good governance and rule of law, regardless of whose ox is gored.

“I am already demonstrating through my activities and engagements in several other spheres  that I  do not need to occupy a public office to add value to our community and nation.

My  relevance does not lie in public office or wealth. I have said it that I  will continue to challenge the warped order till the ultimate change comes, sooner than later.

“ It is not unexpected that we would continue to face this opposition in the struggle for the positive change. We are prepared for the struggle as long as God continues to spare our lives, which are constantly threatened by the sponsors of the opposition. Rule of law shall continue to be our guide.

“Finally, let me equally apologize to those who feel I am not submissive to worshipping them. It is not my making but the covenant I have with my God, to whom all power belongs. They should bear with me as I am incapacitated in this regard.

“They should be content with the number of their adherents as no single religion has the entire human race in its fold. I have chosen to serve our Creator without associating partners with HIM and i equally undertake not to disturb their own faith and adherents too”.


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