Lagos State APC’s factional Chairman, Fouad Oki has posited that the actions of national leader of the party, Bola Tinubu may be devastating to the chances of the party in 2019.

Oki, expressing his dissatisfaction and disappointment at how Tinubu has domiciled over the affairs of the party described the Senators who filed the petition against Banire’s nomination as “puppets” who always listen to the former Lagos State Governor. He wrote that the state should be happy that one of its sons was deemed fit for such respectable position in the land as he warned that Tinubu’s dominance of Action Congress, AC and Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN will not be repeated in APC.

In a statement signed by Oki, he wrote;

” attention has been drawn to the above action purportedly planned and orchestrated by Mr. Bola Tinubu and his puppets in their bid to stop the Senate confirmation of Dr. Muiz Banire.
The journey to bring Dr. Banire down actually started in 2017 with allegations and suspension which the National Working Committee dismissed. Unfortunately, the same matter that the NWC has laid to rest was brought up again in order to discredit him.
Much has already been written about Mr. Bola Tinubu and his determination to appropriate Lagos State APC as his personal property as he did with the Action Congress (AC) and Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) respectively.
Mr. Tinubu’s continued meddlesomeness in the affairs of the Party is very worrisome and should be checked by all men of good conscience. We can unequivocally say that, only one thing will come of his shenanigans this time, it is FAILURE.
According to the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, “Political Parties are central to representative democracy and to the process of democratization. They aggregate and represent Corporate interests and recruit political leaders.” Unfortunately, in Lagos State, Mr. Bola Tinubu is redefining what he thinks a Political Party should be with his appropriation of the Party and its machines into his personal property with his “Remi ma jere” private investment mantra.
The appointment of Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN as Chairman of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) should elicit excitement and a sense of pride that Lagos State was blessed with Grade A board appointment, instead his nomination was met by a scurrilous objection as was directed by Mr. Bola Tinubu via the three senators representing Lagos State.

We have it on authority that all the efforts to thwart the confirmation was orchestrated by Mr. Bola Tinubu including directives on late Monday, 23rd July 2018 which was conveyed by Senator Solomon Olamilekan (aka Yayi) to his colleagues in a desperate attempt to sway the Senate President and other Senators into his unholy attempts.

Mr. Tinubu’s actions was clearly a manifestation of an act of self-interest and personal pursuit of power, wealth and influence at the expense of the Lagos people, to the detriment of Indigenes in particular. And this indeed, is injurious to the Party; we can only hope that APC will not pay dearly for this at the polls in the coming elections.”

Oki further wrote that Tinubu’s personal drive to be deified in matters of national importance as it affects federal nominations has been overflogged.

“Tinubu’s personal determination to play god on the matter of Federal nominations and appointments into key positions has gone too far. You will recall his similar battle to scuttle the Federal appointments of Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN and several other individuals from Lagos State. Must he be the sole determiner of the aspiration and destiny of every Party member?
We shall resist this incessant intrusion with everything that God has blessed us with and take back the Party from the shackles of this tin god. The leadership of the Party in Lagos State under my direction and coordination will continue to;-
• Motivate and encourage our members and all well-meaning Lagosians to realize their potential in an all-inclusive Party;

To take full ownership of our great Party APC and enjoy the satisfaction of success therein;
• Encourage our members to meld self-interest with Corporate interest as opposed to what Mr. Bola Tinubu and his ilk have turned the Party to;
• Provide strong organizational push towards a Corporate coherence and common goals on how to galvanize the over Six Millions votes accruable from Lagos State for APC.
We therefore call on President Muhammad Buhari and well-meaning members of the Party’s NEC and elders of the Party to urgently weigh in on this matter before it gets too late. A word is enough for the wise.
I shall be addressing the press in the coming days on the state of the party in Lagos State and the options available to us in the event of non- compliance by the National Working Committee like its predecessor.
Thank you.”


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