Senator Ali Ndume, former Majority Senate leader.

Senator Ali Ndume representing Borno South at the Nigerian Senate, says Boko Haram insurgency has been defeated in what appears to be an affirmation of what the Nigerian government had said in the past.

Ndume, a former Majority Senate leader who appeared on “Political Stew“, a live political talk show on Television Continental anchored by Sulaiman Aledeh, said though the insurgency has been defeated it has, however, not been eliminated.

Asked if he was satisfied with what is going on about the fight against Boko-Haram, the Borno South lawmaker said: “Well this is a very difficult question because I look at it in two different ways, if you say you are satisfied which means everything is back to normal but we are happy that the government of the day is serious about taking on the insurgence and let me say here authoritatively that the Boko Haram has been defeated but that is not to say that Boko Haram has been eliminated.

“So you have pockets of black spots particularly two black spots that are still existing and now Boko Haram is not resulting in conquering a local government or town or taking over a town but they are concentration on targeting of soft spots and especially suicide bombing so for us in Borno state particularly and northeast in general, we are happy with what the security agencies and forces on ground are doing but of course it is not over yet and therefore we expect them to do more.

“It’s going to be difficult to get to where we were because so much damage has been done and that is a damage of over $9 billion and that translate to over N2.7 trillion so it is a very huge damage but we thank God for where we are today”, Senator Ndume said.

Meanwhile, Political Stew recalls that the Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009, when the Jihadist rebel group, Boko Haram started an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria.

The insurgency, however, became more prominent after Abubakar Shekau emerged as the leader of the sect.

This online medium reports that the Nigerian military has reported Shekau dead on several occasions but the insurgent leader appeared in videos to debunk the claim and embarrass the authorities.

The insurgent leader coordinated the kidnap of 276 female students from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno, in 2014. Over 100 of the girls are yet to be accounted for till date.

In 2012, the Nigerian government offered N290 million cash reward for any information that could lead to Shekau’s arrest.

One year later, the United States declared Boko Haram a terrorist organisation and placed a $7 million bounty on Shekau.

In February 2018, the Nigerian army also volunteered to give N3 million to anyone who could provide information on him.

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