Co-convener of the BringBackOurGirls advocacy group, BBOG, Aisha Yesufu, on Monday described President Muhammadu Buhari as a ‘small minded person’.

Aisha faulted Buhari for failing to harness the coming together of Nigerians to elect him into power in 2015 to unite Nigeria.

She noted in her tweet that only a ‘Small Minded’ person would let such opportunity pass without making good use of it for the good Nigeria’s unity.

Buhari Is A ‘Small Minded Person’ – BBOG Co-convener
Buhari Is A ‘Small Minded Person’ – BBOG Co-convener

Aisha wrote: “2015 Nigerians from all over the country came together under the mantra of change and voted GMB. It was the second time I had seen something like that. The first was MKO Abiola election.

“There was an opportunity to unite Nigerians but PMB wasted it with his small mindedness!”

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