Jair Bolsonaro, a man known for his controversial stance on major issues of public interest has won the first round of elections in Brazil.

Bolsonaro had 46% of total votes cast and will face Haddad in the second round, due to his iinability to amass 50% of the votes. Fernando Haddad of the left wing, and a candidate of the Workers Party had 26%.

Analysts have predicted the second round to be a tighter affair and may end in a tie according to checks.

Bolsonaro is known for his misogynistic comments amongst many of his open controversies.

According to the BBC, Bolsonaro’s once insignificant Social Liberal Party (PSL) is poised to become the largest force in Congress following legislative elections held alongside the presidential vote, in what analysts have described as a seismic shift in Brazilian politics.

Jair Bolsonaro(left) and Fernando Haddad(right)

The politician and the PSL have ridden a wave of rising anger at the Workers’ Party, which their supporters blame for a prolonged recession, rising violent crime and widespread corruption in South America’s largest economy.

He is also willing to scuttle what he tags ‘cultural Marxism’ in Brazil and hopes to make the nation a smaller state with lower taxes and better lives for its people.

Bolsonaro was stabbed by some irate youth during one of his campaigns and was rushed to the hospital before his r


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