Ayodele Fayose, outgoing Ekiti State governor.

Peter the Rock to your people and to your admirers. Congratulations.

You found yourself politically at a time when you were a victim, and had to stand up with courage, fearlessness, strength and truth for your people, state, Political Party and yourself. No one is an angel or perfect but it takes a special kind of person to be able to stand up in Nigeria’s politics and speak truth to the people who have taken our constitutional and legal powers from us and use our power against us so arrogantly.

I recall it as if it was just yesterday when we met. A few days after you won your governorship elections, by the lift on the 10th floor l congratulated you on your win, and we spoke briefly expressing mutual admiration for each other’s capacity to be bold and speak truth to power.
From my experience it is tasking, risky, selfless and exhausting to stand up and speak the truth for a long period of time especially when the target audiences and particularly the people on whose behalf you speak don’t seem to listen, understand, or even appreciate that which you must achieve.
In the 5 years l have interacted with you on issues of governance, justice and development you have maintained your position for your people, state and region you have therefore done very well.

Ayodele Fayose, former Ekiti State governor.

In March 2017 on International Women’s Day on your invitation I was with you, your government and your dear wife  as you celebrated the great women of Ekiti State.
The stadium was full to over capacity, women from across Ekiti were in the stadium in Ado Ekiti. Though l am not an indigene of Ekiti State l therefore can’t claim to know Ekiti state but of the little l saw of your interactions with your people in the stadium that day l went away with the conclusion that you and your people have a mutual appreciation and love for each other.
When your State, region, people and Nigeria needed to hear the truth you spoke.
When the then President Goodluck Jonathan needed loyalty and support as a President and leader of your party, you stood by him and with him even when some of his own and people he trusted betrayed him, you were loyal and supportive.
When we in the Niger Delta and particularly in Rivers State needed support, you spoke up and supported us, when your friend Governor Wike, Governor of my Rivers State needed a friend you were there. You are indeed Peter the Rock not only for your people  but also for your friends.
We will not forget.

In taking your stand for justice, equity and for standing up for the truth you knew the APC Federal Government may bare their fangs a second after your constitutional immunity expires, justice demands that you, your family and loved ones should not be terrorised and victimised but we deal with a Federal Government that has no regard for justice, rule of law or justice.
We see and hear that the Federal Government is preparing to terrorise and victimise you, while we who stand up for Liberty, Equity and Justice on Truth will not be in a position to stop them, we are in a position to speak up on your behalf and demand that they do that which is right and do whatever they want to do within the law, and not victimise you.
No matter what the Federal Government does from midnight of 15th of October 2018, I am certain of one thing, it will not break you as a politician or as a man.
Nothing this government does to you will come as a surprise but the negative effect and the backlash of what the government intends to do will break it.

My friend and brother Peter the Rock, the admiration and respect truth and justice loving people of Nigeria particularly of the Niger Delta have for you is immense and will be sustained.

I pray for you, your family and loved ones, that God protect you, guide you and sustain you.  God bring support and understanding from everywhere whenever you need support, God grant you more wisdom, courage, and peace to defeat the evil plans against you.


God bless you, your family and loved ones.

I remain warmly your friend and Omo Rivers (as you fondly refer to me)
Niger Delta Self Determination Movement

Opinion contained in this article is strictly the writer’s and not Political Stew’s. 

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