Ahead of the 2019 general elections, Governorship candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Bolanle Sarumi – Aliyu has revealed plans to change the staus quo and bring about definite reformations in Oyo state if elected as Governor.

Sarumi who was a guest on the Political Stew programme anchored by Sulaiman Aledeh said she is adding a new path to politics and ushering in an era where money would not be a determinant for running for office.

According to her, such determinants would be based on what an individual has to offer and laid out plans to better the lives of the Oyo people.


L-R Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, NIP Gov Candidate, Oyo; Political Stew Anchor- Sulaiman Aledeh and Natasha Hadiza Akpoti Senatorial Candidate, SDP, Kogi Central at an interview session on Political Stew


Who is Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu?

The Ibadan born, and bred politician is the daughter of foremost politician, Hon. Ali Balogun Sarumi and Jean Balogun Sarumi, a Briton.

Her father, was a one time a member of the House of Representatives, and chairman on science and technology (committee), representing Ibadan North under the platform of Alliance for Democracy (AD) party between 1999 and 2003.

Sarumi-Aliyu studied Social Work and Welfare, Psychology and Sociology in the United Kingdom. She also holds a degree in Social Policy from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, U.K.

She has been actively involved in humantarian services while juggling work as an event manager, caterer and the CEO of a uniform making factory.

Bolanle, a self acclaimed ‘Jagaban of Oyo politics’ is the national leader of the NIPM, a party which she believes will take Nigeria to the next level.

Why is Sarumi running for Governorship position in Oyo state?

Sarumi is set to become the first female Oyo state Governor if she wins the governorship elections in 2019.

She is running for the position solely for the welfare of the masses in the state whom she says have been neglected for far too long.

Sarumi- Aliyu said this informed her decision to work for a better Oyo state and provide succour in areas the present administration has failed

According to her, 2019 elections would not be about the party or financial strength of the candidate but about the candidate’s ability to deliver once elected into office.

She said, ” The situation in Oyo state is apalling at the moment and that is why I left the comfort of the UK with the hope of bringing some form of change to my people.

“For this reason, I am cooking up a storm in Oyo state. I am squashing money politics and the pace I am setting is to ensure that one day, the child of the common man can become president of Nigeria.

“Elections in 2019 will not focus on the party but will be about the candidates. This rests on the fact that the people are getting wiser to ask questions about why money is only available during election period.

“People are asking where these funds were kept and why it was not used to develop the society.”


On Sarumi- Aliyu’s plans for Oyo state

Sarumi disclosed her intentions to create a ‘bountiful’ and progressive Oyo state by investing financially in individuals and providing an environment for them to thrive effectively.

Giving a brief insight into her manifesto, the politician said if elected into office, improved free healthcare and welfare for the Oyo people would be guaranteed.

On Agriculture, Sarumi-Aliyu stressed on the need for mechanized farming and farm settlements which would be major strongholds for the development of a self sustaining structure for the state.

Similarly, she assured citizens of a transparent, accountable government and an effective data collating system to assist in providing necessary aids to areas in need of them.

All these she hopes to achieve without federal allocation but with the use of internally generated revenue and investing in people who would in turn give back to he administration.

On her fears pertaining to her decision to contest

In response to fears relating to her decision to contest, Sarumi-Aliyu while confidently reeling out her lineage praises said, “I am from a warriors lineage in Oyo state and I am not afraid of anybody. Politics in Oyo state is not a do or die affair but rather a dicey one.

“The people are more aware of the options to choose from. They will collect politicians money and vote for who they want in the end.

“The suffering in Oyo state is at its peak and different sectors are not functioning properly due to poor leadership structures. Hopefully the people will choose the candidate that will take care of them. Oyo state has to work and that is why i am in this mission.


On the NIP Agenda

Outlining the objectives of The National Interest party, Sarumi-Aliyu said, “NIM is a new party and it is a crowd funded one. I saw the party’s ideology and concluded it aligned with my policies

NIPM is a party for those who have the ambition to run for office but are not financially statble. To this end, the party does not collect fees for forms so that people are not restricted from serving their country because of money.

“We are in the business to ensure that money is not used to disenfranchise people especially females and our policy is to give the child of the common man a voice in the society,” she added.

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