Former Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan has revealed no state governor has been more investigatd in Nigeria.

Uduaghan debunked reports making the rounds that he left the PDP for APC because of the EFCC.

He also revealed that EFCC has turned Delta State to its regular point for visit.

“I am the most investigated former governor. I have gone to the EFCC in Lagos, in Port Harcourt, in Benin, in Abuja. So what kind of investigations are you talking about?

“The EFCC had come to Delta … in the last three years, took the SSG’s office for three days, it has never happened in any state; checked files, arrested some people.”

He said Delta has the highest number of petitions at the EFCC and that on some occasions, he was probed over the same issue more than once.

“There is virtually nothing I did in Delta that has not been investigated by the EFCC,” he said.

“Sometimes twice because one person writes, another person writes on same thing. So what sort of investigation is going to happen again?”

He said the anti-graft agency “has virtually turned Delta state upside down” and so, “it (his defection) has nothing to do with EFCC investigations”.

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