Jimi Agbaje, Lagos PDP Governorship candidate

Lagos State PDP Governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje has revealed he derives no benefit from losing three times in his bid to become the state’s governor.

Agbaje, while fielding questions from journalists said he’s coming in to make a difference, as he made a host of revelations.

He spoke about the absence of his posters in certain areas, saying the economy of things have changed, and the ruling party has more authority on where his posters can be.

What Did Agbaje Say On Not Having Enough Posters? 

Agbaje told journalists that the presence of the incumbent in most places has made sticking his posters more difficult.

”If I give you poster to go and stick in your neighbourhood today, you’ll be surprised that they’ll beat you up. The poster now is for a different economy. There are the billboards that carry posters now.

If you don’t see my posters, it’s not because I’m not on the ground but I’ve not yet paid enough to control the ground in Lagos to allow people to stick the posters. When you are fighting a sitting government, you will remember that they control the local governments and there are people whose livelihood depend on that.”

He further explained that the fear of government’s hammers is also making locals get cautious of allowing opposition posters.

What Did Agbaje Say On Health and Education?

Agbaje said the present day government is placing an undue emphasis on secondary education, at the expense of primary education. He cited that it was a wrong move because primary education is more important and should get better attention.

Jimi Agbaje, Lagos PDP Governorship candidate

On health, he said, health insurance schemes will become pivotal, and a level of ease in the cost of maintaining health will be attained. He said people have to make choices on what they want, and who they want to handle them, as obtainable in more developed countries of the world.

”We have a situation where government spends more money on secondary education than primary education. They spend little or none and that’s where much more money should be spent. Get teachers. Children now are being taught coding which is the main thing for anyone who wants to survive in the future.

Health cannot be the way they are doing it, not free health. We must run a health insurance scheme. Government writes a cheque to a private practitioner and ensures practice is up to standard and you have a choice to change your doctor if you aren’t satisfied.

What Did He Say About Showing Every Four Years?

Agbaje said he’s not happy with the tag given to him by Lagosians. While some have tagged him as a candidate who has turned his governorship ambition to the ‘Olympics’, others have decried his long-drawn quiescence before he rises again.

He said he’s not proud of having a CV that shows he is a 3-time consecutive loser of an election.

However, he expressed confidence that he will come out victorious in 2019 as he, and his team won’t sleep till the 2nd of March, 2019.

He said, “I am determined to win and I am running for the third time with the intention to win.

“I derive no benefit from a CV that describes me as a 3-time disappointed governorship candidate.

“Thus PDP is not resting on its oars as we have commenced campaigns on December 1 which is stipulated by INEC.

“I am contesting again because my victory is sure and Lagosians should know that I will be declared Governor,” he said.

“I am determined to win and I am running for the third time with the intention to win.

What He Said About Being Gender-Sensitive

Agbaje picked Mrs. Haleemat Busari as his running mate and said it was essential because of her experience in the private sector, having been a director of a foremost Nigerian commercial bank.

He added that they have gone a notch better than the APC as they’ve proven their gender-sensitivity by picking a female deputy governorship candidate.



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