In his contribution to the Special publication containing goodwill messages on my 60th birthday last month, my friend and brother, Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media, wrote inter alia:

“One striking thing l admire about him is that you always know where you stand with him. No perfidy or duplicity. He says what he believes, and has the courage of his convictions. When you are right, he is your ally, when you are wrong, he doesn’t spare you. We can do with many of his type”.

That succinctly encapsulates my persona. Femo has known me for 30 years, so he can say that with authority.

So when l made my position known in respect of my support for Ambode, it doesn’t matter if eventually he doesn’t get his party’s ticket. I’m just being myself, supporting someone l feel should be given an opportunity for a second term. I don’t shy away from taking positions.
Following my various postings on this matter, l have received a number of inbox and WhatsApp messages, on why l am opposed to Sanwo olu as Governor. I told them that I’m not a member of APC, so l have no voting right in their primaries and that l have nothing personal against Jide.

I worked briefly with him in 2012 when l was mediating between the Lagos striking doctors and the state government. I had intervened to break the three month-old strike and BRF had no objection. In the course of that one month assignment, l had to work with the Head of Service, Commissioner of Health, Dr Idris and Jide Sanwo olu, who was the Commissioner for establishment to negotiate with the doctors and work out the new salary structure, as the intermediary. He is a nice gentleman. I recall an instance when we were almost reaching an agreement and the Governor had to approve, he had apparently gone to see the Governor who shouted at him that the state government could not afford what we proposed. Jide called me saying “egbon, eyin le le ba governor soro o. Won maa gbo si yin lenu (bros, you are the only one who can talk to the governor and he would listen).
It was a Thursday evening and BRF was playing his usual soccer with friends at the government house football field. Sanwo olu stayed afar while l signalled at BRF and he left the pitch to meet me and we looked over the same document and he agreed after explanations. And Jide thanked me.
That’s much l know about him as l haven’t seen him since then. So, l have nothing personal against him. But l support Ambode. Shikena.


Opinion contained in this article is strictly the writer’s and not Political Stew’s.

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