Mofoluwake Ayanniyi Taiwo is keen on achieving good governance and effective representation if elected to represent Ibadan North West/ South West in the Federal House of Representatives.

The seasoned researcher, curriculum builder and social worker was a guest on Political stew, anchored by ace broadcaster Sulaiman Aledeh on TVC. 

Who is Mofoluwake Ayanniyi Taiwo?

Mofoluwake Ayanniyi Taiwo is the flag bearer for the Save Nigeria Congress (SNC) for Federal House of Representatives, Ibadan Northwest and Southwest Federal Constituency.

Mofoluwake Ayanniyi Taiwo revealing her plans for Ibadan Northwest /Southwest

An ardent researcher, Ayanniyi Taiwo is certified in English Language as a Second Language Specialist and a Certified Project Manager of the British Project Management Academy.

She founded the Metric Ideas Consulting, an educational consulting firm in research and development of schools.

The firm has established several schools for groups, organisations, and individuals in Nigeria.

Why did Ayanniyi Taiwo venture into politics?

Ayanniyi Taiwo noted that her venture into politics is based on an innate desire to bring about positive governance in the Nigerian Society. 

According to her, “when you think about good governance, there is no way you can get it without going through politics,For us to achieve anything we must be able to show examples to others by standing for our nation”. 

“I believe Nigeria is a great nation and whatever we do for our country,  we will be blessed for it,” she said. 

Mofoluwake Ayanniyi Taiwo and Political Stew anchor, Sulaiman Aledeh

Ayanniyi Taiwo’s recipe for Ibadan NW/SW

She maintained that her campaign strategies borders on eradicating poverty, providing relief systems, initiating viable educational policies and creating job opportunities for members of her constituency.

According to her, SNC has already “started a food bank which susbsidises food items and creates a connection between the rich and the poor where people can donate and give to the poor.   

On her Passion for Education

For Ayanniyi Taiwo, “The riches of a country must first be seen in education because it is our future. Thus education must be efficiently developed”

She blamed lack of facilities as the cause of poor educational system in her constituency adding that she hopes to change this by focusing on educational matters as it pertains to children between age 2 and 12. 

She said, “a child’s educational strength comes from environment,curriculum and facilities provided. I hope to be able to rejig the educational system by initiating laws that will provide high educational standards once I am elected to represent Ibadan NW/SW”

On Save Nigeria Congress (SNC) vision for Nigeria

Revealing her party’s plan for the country, Ayanniyi Taiwo said, “SNC is a new political  party geared towards the goal of saving Nigeria and ensuring that citizens live in abundance hence the Millet insignia.

‘We are also vested in the idea of our founders who believe in making Nigeria a land of opportunities,”she said.

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