Candidate of the Democratic People’s Congress (DPC), Kyrian Uchenna Ibe, for the Imo state governorship election in the 2019 election has promised a people-inclusive government if elected the governor of the state.

He lamented the bad governance people of the state have been subjected to over the years when they haven’t asked for too much but just basic things that make life easier.

What Kyrian Said On Giving Power Back To The People

When appearing on a popular television political show, Political Stew, on Television Continental(TVC), Kyrian said, “This movement is about retaining power to the people. Our (DPC) concept of leadership revolves round the people. We need a people-inclusive governance where government have to listen to the people.

“When I came back (from Poland), I needed to go round to about 27 Local Government Areas, trying to see what our people really want. What do they want? And from what they want and our research, we had to craft our manifesto from their needs to reflect what they want.”

Anchor of Political Stew, Sulaiman Aledeh(left) and Kyrian Uchenna Ibe

His Discovery About The Desires Of IMO People

When quizzed on what the people of Imo state really want, he said all they want are just the basic needs of life.
“Our people don’t want too much, they just want the basic things. There cannot be any meaningful development without the right transport infrastructure. We have to bring investors into the sector,” Kyrian buttressed.

How Does Kyrian Hope To Bolster  Thee State’s Economy?

The governorship candidate said economic policies need to be drawn to make SMEs thrive.

He said his campaign is centered on the welfare of Imo people, infrastructural development, security and development of the education sector.
He said more entrepreneurship-driven students need to be produced so they can be job creators and create wealth for themselves.

Kyrian assured the tempo in Imo state ensures they cannot be robbed at the polls and anyone or group who tries to prevail on the will of the people will be resisted come 2019 governorship election in the state.

About Kyrian Uchenna Ibe

Kyrian Uchenna is from Obizi, Ezinihite LGA of IMO State.

He was a students’ leader in his days in the university and a staunch believer in resilience, tenacity and a do-it-yourself pose to life.

He values education greatly, and knows the discovery of human resources through it.

A lawyer, his belief in education as the master key has also been a driving force to progression in his career.

Kyrian’s right philosophy on education led him to Post Graduate studies abroad where he garnered a very impressive C.V.

He is contesting for the governorship position in his home state of Imo under the Democratic People’s Congress (DPC) and has taken the welfare of his people as his priority as he ventures into mainstream politics.

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