Shina Abiola Peller, a foremost businessman and philanthropist is vying to represent the Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives in 2019.

Peller, the owner of popular nightclub, Quilox, situated in Lagos is also the Chairman of Aquila Group of Companies- with business interests in Oil and Gas, Building & Construction and Entertainment.

In an interview with Sulaiman Aledeh, anchor of political programme, Political Stew, Peller gave a cocktail of his political aspiration and plans for his constituents as he yearns to represent them at the Green Chambers. He also explained his plans to make Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa a model constituency in Nigeria.

What Steered Peller’s Move Into Politics?

Peller, the son of Professor Peller, a foremost magician back in the day, from Iseyin said there was a consistent and loud call from his people, as they convinced him to venture into politics.

”My people have been yearning for me to come into politics, for three to four years now. I previously never saw myself doing it but I also never saw myself owning a nightclub, yet I’ve made it a successful brand. I see politics as something we shouldn’t be discouraged about and I never wanted to venture into politics but there was a lot of pressure from my people- kings, people in the region and from other political parties.

I rejected and I said no because I didn’t want to regret doing it in the future but looking at the current Nigerian situation, I felt the days of social media and armchair politics are over, so I threw my hat in the ring.”

Why Did Peller Choose To Contest On The Platform Of The APC?

He said choosing a party was the most difficult decision he took. He said it was not about him but the interest of the people had to prevail.

”It was the most delicate part of my decision. I tell people decision making is the most delicate thing to do in life, so it is key to me.

I take my interest out of it and the people’s interests are on my heart. I believe the APC is a work in progress.”

Peller used the aeroplane as an analogy of the current position of the APC. He said the APC has hoisted itself in the air and has hit an autopilot level.

”In fairness to this government, I feel to vote for a President and see him work, he needs some time.”

Why is Peller a strong supporter of Buhari?

”Right now, I can’t compare our participation in the political terrain to what’s happening in the past. I see us, youths participating more in 2023 and I see President Buhari giving us that level playing field,” he said.

What informed Peller’s Social emancipation and infrastructural projects?

While it is surprising to see an aspiring lawmaker engage in things usually seen to be the shtick of people who are gunning for executive offices, Peller has distinguished himself by representing his people before vying for office.

”I know making laws is the primary obligation of the lawmaker but I’m a philanthropist. I tackle problems affecting people.

I constructed the NYSC hostel in Iseyin because schools in my constituency dont have enough teachers. So if I ask NYSC for teachers for schools in my constituency in the future, they will give me. I believe in good education.

To help our infrastructural development, I constructed four boreholes in the four local governments in my constituency.”

Shina Peller(left) and Political Stew anchor, Sulaiman Aledeh

Peller’s Selling Points

He said; ”I’m a successful businessman. From my analysis, I discovered many people were made through politics. We need more self-made people in politics. My experience in business will give my people a purposeful representation.

Another thing I think is my selling point is my father’s name. My father was a philanthropist and helped sell the Oke-Ogun name to people.

There are chieftains who said they will support me just for being the son of Professor Peller.”

On Selling A Good Name, How Will Peller Encourage Young People To Protect Their Names And Nigeria?

He said he will encourage the achievement of a self-sustainable Nigeria.

”I will align with the ideologies of the current Nigeria. I want to create a land where peace, unity and progress reign.

”I want to create a model constituency.”

” will use my influence to create an enabling environment for business to thrive, create jobs for youth and lift women from poverty.”

Will Peller Still Be Accessible If He Emerges?

”I believe more in structure and not access,” he said. I have started an empowerment programme. We had job adverts and had 175 entries. A panel conducted interviews for them and after the interview, we picked 21 of them.

We now have 16 zonal coordinators, 4 local government coordinators and four local government supervisors for the Shinaayo Empowerment Programme.”

He said these people will be available and wask what people want, further ensuring an access to him through the placement of good structures on ground.”

Has Peller Been Ever Approached For Money By Supporters?

”There has never been that kind of approach. I advised them to disengage from votes selling. I gave them an analysis about Dangote contesting for a political office. I said if Dangote is running for the Presidency and pays N10,000 each to every voter, he would have spent N840bn which is impossible.

If he goes and doesn’t turn back, that means they sold their votes N2500 a year, meaning they will gain only 70kobo a day from the government.”

On Having A Structure

”I believe in structural politics and I believe it has to be transparent. You cannot hijack my structure. I’ve set up businesses to support the structure because I believe the system should function by itself. I wanted to start something from the scratch so I should be able to put up the right structure.”

Peller’s Business Interests

”I created the brand, Quilox. I revolutionised nightlife in Nigeria. I have a vision for Quilox. Quilox Abuja will be the best nightlife club in Nigeria.”

On The Roles Of Entertainment In The Society

”Entertainment has been able to help cure depression. It has provided employment and has been helping to generate revenues through the taxes we pay.”

”I have grabbed a chair at Quilox before, spoken to customers I observed were only drinking and not looking good, we have a chat and they leave as better people.

We need to invest more in entertainment.”

When Will Quilox Abuja Be Ready?

”The first stage has been completed and the 2nd stage has also been commissioned. It will be ready by October 2019.”

What Similarities Does Peller Have With His Father?

”Magic! I’ve done it with the entertainment industry and I’ll do it with in politics.

I learnt never to satisfy everybody. I’m a perfectionist. I worked with him on promotions and stage assistance. There was a time we had a case of theft and started a verification process through ticketing. Through that, we were able to beat theft. ”

Why Peller Thinks He Will Win

”Once I make up my mind, I don’t believe in time wasting. I had said I’ll never get involved in politics but now I’m in, I’m very optimistic I’ll win.”

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