Senate President, Bukola Saraki

Senate President, Bukola Saraki has stated the qualities of the leader Nigerians should be looking towards having.

Saraki, while speaking at the residence of the leader of the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders, Edwin Clark, he revealed that Nigeria needs an energetic leader with great capacity to lead.

“Where we are as a country today is too serious for us to take lightly. The Nigeria that we have today have never been so disunited,” he said.

“When you go to many parts of the country, people will tell you ‘Do I truly belong? Are we part of this country called Nigeria? On top of that, over a number of years, we have seen series of impunity. People are not held accountable. There is no inclusiveness in government. There is insensitivity and lack of empathy.

Saraki said a ‘lack of sensitivity’ and disunity  have cost Nigeria a lot and the nation needs a leader that will address this.

“So the first thing that is key to us is how do we unite this country. What kind of president can unite this country? Lack of insensitivity(sic), these are the issues that are driving suspicion, pulling us apart. Anything else we talk, development e.t.c can’t happen unless we bring everybody back.

“As such, he must somebody that can represent, somebody in any part of the country can say ‘I think he represents Nigeria’, ‘I think he will be fair to me whether I’m a Christian or Muslim’, ‘I think he will be fair to me whether I’m a northerner or southerner’. That gives us an opportunity of a platform to move forward.

“Secondly, more importantly, I think what has been one of our major problem is capacity. I think over the years we have voted on sentiments. We have left capacity and ability, and used sentiments to decide who leads us. That is why we are where we are today.

“But we need Mr. President that has the capacity, that has the vision that can drive and perform. Without capacity on the part of the leadership, Nigeria cannot progress even though God has continued to blessed the nation. There is no country that can provide for its people, take them out of poverty the way we are going about it.

“If it is about the work, my leaders, I know I am very competent and I know what needs to be done to put this country on the right path.

“I have shown my experience, apart from my eight years and Chairman Nigeria Governors Forum, I have shown what makes people work together. I have also shown that in the senate in the last three years, which has 18 former governors, despite all the efforts of the government.

“I believe I have been able to show leadership and capacity. It’s okay for us to say we want to get rid of Mr. President. By getting rid of Mr. President, we might not fix Nigeria. I don’t think we want to get rid of Mr. President without fixing Nigeria.

“So, we must find a candidate that must fix this country. I have the capacity that is required to turn this country around. This time around I believe we must go for capacity.”

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