An advocate of better participation of women in politics, Mary Ikoku has stated that the chances of the country growing is slim, without its women in politics.

She said this on Political Stew, a weekly programme aired on Television Continental and anchored by Sulaiman Aledeh. Ikoku said the problems faced by women in politics are quite ‘enormous but not insurmountable’.

On her experience so far with working to ensure more women are involved and given good opportunities to represent their people, she said;

“The problems are quite enormous but are not insurmountable.

Nigeria won’t develop if women are not in politics.

Women make up more than 50% of the population and give birth to 100% of the population.

The problem with Nigeria today is that we are running without the full potentials in the society.

Leaders and citizens should think seriously about the involvement of women in politics.”

She said there is no law that stops women from running for political offices but there’s a natural law that takes women out of the reckoning.

“Women vote in men to run the government. We are seen in numbers but not in representation.

We need more women on the table now, for things to get better.”

“Communication is critical to the success of any political campaign and fundraising and financial problems have put women at a disadvantage.

Men are building a political war chest.”

On Free Forms For Women In Politics

“The form is a paper, and free forms for women, for me, is tokenism. If you don’t pay for something, you don’t know the value.

To move Nigeria forward, we must have all the resources on the table.”

She blamed the lack of core political wherewithal displayed by some politicians. “Lots of politicians in Nigeria cannot draw a campaign plan.”

On the train for the presence of women in politics

“The train is currently in the South West and it is moving and successful and it is important for every woman that wants to win an election.”



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