Senator Magnus Abe has told Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi that he is not fazed the rejection of his aspiration.

Abe, while speaking to some of his loyalists reiterated that he is not losing sleep over Amaechi’s much publicised countering of his ambition.

He referred to the former Rivers State Governor as ‘devious’ in his talk, however, he admitted Amaechi is still his leader in the state.

“I was a commissioner in Dr Peter Odili’s government, but I stood behind Amaechi; I argued with Dr Peter Odili on Amaechi’s behalf,” he said.

“Later, when I came to him (Odili) to apologise, he told me that there was no need to apologise and that he respected my decision to stand by my friend (Amaechi).

“Whoever God has chosen to be the governor of Rivers state will be governor and there is nothing Rotimi Amaechi can do about it. When Amaechi fought for his right and took the PDP to court, I did not remember any place where Dr Odili called him a betrayer.

“I am fighting for my right; I want to be governor of this (Rivers) state and nobody can deny me the right to fight for my right. So, I continue to refer to Amaechi that he still remains the leader of my party in the state.”

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