I have read lots of open letters addressed to the big men in their Glass houses and their tinted luxury vehicles, but have not come across any written to the esteemed Nigerian youth to whom the future belongs.
Dear ladies and gentlemen of this demography, you are indeed very special in every shape and form, you are the beauty of our today and the strength of our tomorrow, I’m proud of the person you are evolving into but I’m worried about some of the steps you are taking.
Do not mortgage the future just for today’s conveniences, it’s a hard, cold wicked world, so it’s not going to be easy and truth be told there(sic) are no easy ways out, it’s a tough competition and you have to be determined to fight your way through this life.
Don’t look at what you stand to benefit now but look at what we stand to benefit later, the future needs you to be tough and resilient, generations to come need you to sweat it out just this one more moment, they need you to endure the agonizing pain of lack of basic human needs and ensure they don’t have to come and fight for the same things.
My dear Nigerian youth, you have the power to build the Nigeria of next level, it’s your assignment and your responsibility, remember in 1950s it was you that fought for the independence, it was you that also stood against the military in your campuses in the 80s, you the Nigerian youth take the credit for all the good things that have happened in our nation, it’s time to act one more time.
Mathias Tsado
You have 65% of the population and if we go by those young at heart at 45years we are talking about 80% of Nigeria’s population, that is massive power, we have the numbers to support whatever we want, we must deploy our power to demand for what we want.
Don’t mind those who ridicule your effort when you fought to be included in the power set up in the country through not to young to Run, it is the first step in the right direction, people think we don’t have the money but how wrong they are, we have all the money to elect whoever we want so, let them back off.
In the assembly of great minds there are likely to be some cowards so let’s not get distracted by their nagetivism and easy lifestyle, let those who have resolved to act stand up and take to the streets, let’s occupy our land and demand for good, effective and efficient governance, let’s ask for a Nigeria that works for a child of a carpenter and a farmer just like the son of a governor or the president.
Dear Nigerian youth, I know you know your strength is in our numbers, so we need everyone to be on the same side now, we need to be a herd moving in one direction, so let’s stop the fight against one another, it’s the tactics of the establishment, they want you to fight while they and their children continue to loot and milk our nation, so let’s not fall for their old lady tricks, let’s join our hands as one people as one nation with a common destiny.
It’s not going to be an easy task, but it must be done, we have limited options, we have even most annoyingly a very limited time, so we have to act fast and act with precision, we have to be decisive and we must give it our best and all.
Dear Nigerian youth, what do you see in your tomorrow? Where do you see your name? Do you think the slums of agege and shanties of sabongari are good for your children? Do you think the roads where hundreds die each day are good for the future? Do you think 14million children out of school is a good badge for any nation, what about open defecation? What about lack of portable water and good education system? Do you think thousands of women dying at childbirth is an achievement? How about over 3000 of us that die(sic) each day due to malnutrition?
Millions of us are on the streets searching for just about any kind of job, we are industrious and determined to work and earn a living but where are the opportunities? Aren’t you worried about this? Or have you also resolved that this is your lot in life? No my dear Nigerian youth, it’s not, you are a great seed planted here to blossom and this is not a motivational jargon, it’s your possibilities your true potentials, we only need to take what rightfully belongs to us and make whatever we feel like.
I know that from the media to soccer to entertainment, we rock, we own the space their, we are making serious inroads into the world of technology and services, we are the best any nation could ever wish for, so Nigeria is definitely blessed to have us.
It’s time for campaigns, 2019 is just around the corner, it’s a decision you would have to take, it’s a decision that many things are dependent on, so don’t be in a rush, don’t be to quick to follow their media train, we know they want us to feel handicap but we are not really, they want us to see only their faces, but we have alternatives, let’s think deeply about our future and take the most sound decision in the coming weeks, let’s probe the players and pick those who can play in the highly sophisticated economic league of the current world.
I know they won’t want you to share this message because it’ does not suit their narrative, but if you can share messages or type amen for a miracle, take a moment and also share this letter on your WhatsApp groups, Facebook,  to all your contact, blogs etc.
My dear Nigerian youth, this much I owe you, and this I shall commit my life to.
The future is today.
Till I write you again.
I remain your comrade in service
Mathias Baba Tsado.
The opinion contained in this article is the wiriter’s not Aledeh’s 

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