Akinleye Segun.

“Blind party loyalty will be our downfall.  We must follow the truth wherever it leads. “- DaShanne Stokes.

Astute politicians, who over time have perfected the game of politicking, appreciate the concept of loyalty, especially in a terrain where the popular saying ‘no permanent enemy but permanent interest’ holds sway. However, this blind loyalty has sadly somehow been taken to the extreme, thereby resulting in the making of bad choices which often affect the masses and ultimately rub off on the party negatively.

Ifako-Ijaiye has had its fair share of such a scenario, churning out half-baked and ineffectual individuals which have slowed down the development of the local government or better still, put it at a standstill. As the election time draws closer, it is imperative to sound the warning trumpet to party faithful in choosing the right person to represent them at various levels within the local government else, it will be the same sad old story that is gradually becoming a tell-tale sign of the politically active local government.

Mediocre people have been put in the position of power under the silliest of excuses – he has been with us a long time, his father served us well, therefore he will too – as a result of this backward and narrow-minded approach to modern day governance.

Ojokoro Local Council Development Area, LCDA, has witnessed rapid development within a short period of time which has dwarfed whatever progress Ifako-Ijaiye might lay claim to, despite being many years behind Ifako-Ijaiye in age. This is a huge indictment on how politics are played in Ifako-Ijaiye. Show me your achievements and I will tell you about the calibre of your leaders.

With the LG elections behind, the focus currently is on the race for the Lagos State House of Assembly and the House of Representatives seats respectively. Appreciatively, various aspirants have shown interest in the race, which is a really positive development that could bode well for all and sundry, especially if politics of sentiment is put to the sword.

Aspirants, mostly youths, within the local government have decided to take advantage of the ‘Not Too Young To Run’ act to present themselves for the positions mentioned earlier and hopefully, someone other than Hon. Dayo Saka Fafunmi, who has made Ifako-Ijaiye Constituency 1 his birth-right will vacate the seat and the constituency would experience a progressive change of baton that will birth real development for residents of Ifako-Ijaiye.

There is a burning need to chart a new course that will complement the efforts of the Chairman of the Local Government, Apostle Toba Oke, and bring to the fore, the long-sought-after development that has eluded Ifako-Ijaiye due to its politics of slavery and dogmatism.

Dogmatism, in this context, comes in varying form.  Trying to ride on the wings of a father’s name to vie for a political post is not only quasi but also neo-colonialism; a move progressive minds should resist by all means. The implication of this retrogressive mindset is that a lot of better options will be overlooked if party members decide to fall for this hoax which will invariably speak volume about the leaders Ifako-Ijaiye is blessed with.

Having access to the corridors of power is also another allegory that does not automatically make one an effective and efficient leader, ready to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people.

As the day draws closer, aspirants should be given a level playing field irrespective of the ‘tag’ they carry, else Ifako-Ijaiye will continue to wallow in its bitter politics of slavery and resultant underdevelopment, where people think they are the automatic heirs to a certain post.

In fact, party faithful and the voting populace should be wary of aspirants whose only selling point is the name of a father, who was once a loyal party member. Sometimes, there is a need to follow the truth and do away with blind party loyalty. Now is that time.

God Bless Ifako-Ijaiye.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of Political Stew.

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