Babayo Gamawa, suspended Deputy National Chairman of the PDP who defected to the APC has revealed his decision was not borne out of his suspension.

Gamawa, who was in a closed door meeting with Buhari, alongside Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abubakar and Aliyu Kaulaha told journalists the details of their meeting.

What Did Gamawa Say?

Gamawa said his suspension from the PDP is unconstitutional and undemocratic.

While he dismissed insinuations that he switched allegiance because of the suspension, he said the PDP will regret its action.

President Buhari(2nd from right), Aliyu Kaulaha(right), Babayo Gamawa(left), and Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abubakar

“As a Nigerian, I want what is good for the country; I want good image for my country and I want to see development and progress of the country.

“And I have been saying it, as a politician, I play my politics not blindly. Whenever thing goes right or wrong I will say it the way it is. As Journalists, you are aware of what PDP did today – just because of an allegation they said they have suspended me.

“I want to call on them to check their secretariat. If they are in politics they should know what is happening on daily basis at the secretariat – what comes in and what goes out. They should check their mails and they will know the position of Sen. Babayo Gamawa before their action of today.

“I have no regret for defecting from the PDP and they (PDP) would regret their action, by God grace,’’ he said

What Did Abubakar Say?

Abubakar revealed his delight with the meeting as he said he feels safe with the trio of President Buhari, Kaulaha and Gamawa. “You can see I’m very delighted because with these gentlemen I can go to sleep with my two eyes closed, so to speak.’’

Who Defected With Gamawa?

Aliyu Kaulaha, a Board of Trustee member of the PDP also defected to the APC. Kaulaha said; “It’s a matter of principles – I believe among all the candidates no body can come near the integrity and honesty of President Buhari and with what he has done to the North East in particular, I feel I should support him and do the best I can for him to emerge victorious come Feb. 16, 2019.”

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