Political Stew started in 2019 with a beautiful Rock performance from Dabyna Poll-Abraham, simply known by his stage name, Dabyna.

Dabyna’s lyrical content reminded Nigerians of how great the country is and the importance of being together as one.

He explained the relationship between rock music, and politics, and with anchor of Political Stew, Sulaiman Aledeh being a great fan of that genre of music, the stew only got better.

Liborous Oshoma Discusses The News That Made 2018 Memorable

From the new tastes reptiles have gotten to the sudden preference of money, and not bananas for monkeys, some of the news that made 2018 memorable were discussed.

L-R: Political Stew Anchor, Sulaiman Aledeh, Dabyna Poll-Abraham, Taheer Momodu and Liborous Oshoma

A Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board(JAMB) official said a snake swallowed N36million in a news that sent shocking waves round Nigeria.

Tahir Momodu, Chief Operating Officer, Aledeh Media Network

Oshoma discussed how officials of JAMB have always sold scratch cards and fail to remit their sales to appropriate authorities, and when the official was asked to account for what she has sold, she called on the snake.

A Senator also said monkeys ate N70million just days after the snake scandal.

Oshoma also spoke about the Fulani herdsmen of armer’s clashes, and its political links. He said the opening of the ‘political markets’ which saw politicians transfer from one party to the other saw deaths toll rise.

On Lazy Nigerian Youth

Oshoma, an attorney at law did not disagree with the President’s popular statement but said it is a Nigerian phenomenon, and should not be tagged on just youths.

He decried the lack of mentorship in Nigeria.

He also showered encomiums on Alhaji Shehu Shagari and his efforts towards making Nigeria a better country.

Liborous Oshoma

Dino Melaye Jumped Off A Moving Vehicle

Oshoma likened Senator Dino Melaye to a beautiful Nollywood movie. He also tagged the Senator ”Rambo” of Nigerian politics for his theatrical jump from a moving van.

On Kemi Adeosun’s Exemption Certificate Scandal

Oshoma said Kemi Adeosun won his heart with her resignation after the certificate of exemption scandal. He likened her to former President, Goodluck Jonathan who made a call to Buhari to congratulate him in 2015, and also Kayode Fayemi, who made a similar call to congratulate Ayodele Fayose in 2014. He described Adeosun, and others act as ‘novel’.

Dabyna Discusses Rock Music And Politics

Rock musician, Dabyna Poll-Abraham(Son of Rock) spoke about the influence of a nation’s kind of music. He said if the situation of a country is being investigated, the type of music made by the top three musicians of the country should be listened to. He decried the message Nigerian musicians pass as he said it’s all about ‘sex, corruption and drinking.

Dabyna(Son of Rock)

Dabyna spoke further about his career, his experience when he competed at the International Rock Competition and came second(2nd) and the lack of sponsors.

Also featured on the show are some future Nigerian leaders who spoke about the importance of education, and the need to have more Nigerians in school, and the freedom of Leah Sharibu the last standing Dapchi school girl.

Lagos Politics

Oshoma discussed politics of Lagos in 2018 which saw an incumbent relinquish his seat to a new Governorship candidate of the APC, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The attorney said Governor Ambode made mistakes that proved to be his biggest undoing.

A cake was cut to herald the new year with appreciation going to the backroom staff and everyone who have made the show a success.

L-R: Sulaiman Aledeh, Dabyna and Tahir Momodu having a taste of the cake

The countdown to the general election in February and March has begun and the Political Stew is just getting hotter and filled with more spice.

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