Information had spread round about the National Assembly reconvening tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14th 2018 after Deputy Speaker of the House of Reps, Yusuf Lasun told some journalists.

Contrary to Lasun’s position on the reconvening of the National Assembly, some members of the National Assembly have not been told nor communicated with.

According to the Cablenews, some lawmakers spoken to have denied any knowledge of a reconvening tomorrow as the 24hours customary notification was not served to them.

“There is nothing like that (reconvening),” the source said, adding: “I wonder who told the deputy speaker the national assembly will reconvene, it is not true. They won’t reconvene tomorrow.

“If the lawmakers are reconvening, you would have seen the announcement in the media. To the best of my knowledge, no plan to reconvene.

“What they did that day was that they told the committees to start working with the INEC leadership; you know the budget brought was too much. So they asked them to work with INEC on it so that whenever they are reconvening, it will be to follow the other due process and work on what the committee has.”

“It is possible (to reconvene); you can’t rule it out. But currently, nothing like that,” he said.

Abdulrazak Namdas, spokesman of the house of representatives, also confirmed to TheCable that the lawmakers were yet to be informed about any plan to cut short the recess.

“I have not been officially communicated (regarding reconvening on Tuesday),” he told TheCable.

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