The United States Senate Committee screening Brett Kavanaugh, POTUS, Donald Trump’s pick as one of 9 Senators in the US Judiciary, has stated its conditions before voting.

Chairman of the Committee, Jeff Flake said the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI must conduct its activities on Kavanaugh in the next one week.

Kavanaugh is presently facing allegations of sexual assault on three fronts as three ladies have unleashed the 80s on him. He tagged the latest allegation by Julie Skemitch a “joke” and a “farce”.

Professor of Psychology, Brasley Ford also accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault in the 1980s while Catholic, Deborah Ramirez also claimed he exposed his penis to her face at a dormitory party in the early 80s.

There are doubts over the affiliation of Flake as his previous stance on issues have been against Trump.

He has however pledged to support Kavanaugh if the FBI finds him innocent of the allegations. There is a 51 to 49 Republican:Democrats ratio in the Senate with Flake’s allegiance causing Republican Senators nightmares, bearing in mind that it will take only a few more doubting Republicans for the house to reject Kavanaugh.

Tagged as one of the finest brains in U.S’ judiciary, the Supreme Court hopeful faces an uphill task as he aims to become one of the most important decision makers in America’s politics. I

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