The Senate, on Wednesday, has confirmed the appointment of Muiz Banire as the Chairman of the Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki asked Senator Rafiu Ibrahim to read the report on financial institutions on Wednesday’s plenary.

The trio of the Senators representing Lagos State; Gbenga Ashafa, Solomon Adeola and Remi Tinubu had rejected the nomination of Banire by President Muhammadu Buhari, a move greeted by Banire with mixed feelings.

Banire, Senior of Advocate of Nigeria, had said after the Senators rejected his name that it was understandable that the Senators made their choice, and also added that he wouldn’t need anything because he is well connected.

“In the first place, let me recognize the constitutional right of the three senators to express their views without hindrance. It is part of the democratic tenets we all cherish and strive to protect at all times,” he had said.

“However, it is necessary to point out to interested or concerned members of the Nigerian citizenry that my nomination in the first place is not a quota appointment (as the three politicians and distinguished senators may have wrongly perceived) requiring their special approval to deal with.

“I was nominated simply as a Nigerian in whom the appointee has a lot of confidence and who is prepared to give his all in service of his fatherland.

“Beyond the above, let me also state clearly that I am blessed with so many alternative contact addresses and consequently, do not desperately need a political job to survive.”

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