Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria's former Vice President.

A recent post by popular American media outlet, the Economist has vindicated the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar, according to his campaign organisation.

The organisation in its most recent release said the latest endorsement of the presidential candidate by the Economist Magazine, puts to lies the recent ridiculous claims made by Alhaji Lai Mohammed, that the international media is askance of the candidature of Mr. Abubakar.

What Did Lai Mohammed Say?

Minister of Information, Mohammed while speaking to an audience at the Chatam House directed veiled criticisms at Atiku over his performance in his previous political position.

“One curious issue that kept occurring was that anytime I spoke about how we have waged war against corruption, the journalists kept asking me a question.

“They asked me: How can you claim to have succeeded in waging war against corruption, when one of the major contestants in the 2019 general elections is actually a man with stupendous wealth but cannot explain the source of his wealth?

“That baffled me a lot, because it means that we are still being perceived as a country where corruption thrives.

“It was difficult for me to explain to them that yes, we are fighting corruption but these are the same people who have put this country where we are today and who are also trying to come back to power.”

Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s former Vice President.

On The Past And 2019 Elections

“The choice for Nigerians today is either they go back to the corrupt past where our commonwealth was shared by a few elites or move forward and continue with this new trajectory where the national resources are used for the benefit of all Nigerians,” he said.

“I explained to them that the 2019 elections have been defined, and the choice have been made easy.

“We are sure that Nigerians will choose rightly”.

What Did The Economist Say About Atiku?

According to the organisation, this is the second endorsement in as many months by the world’s number one economic and policy magazine. An endorsement based on the clarity of vision and the detailed policies of the PDP’s candidate when compared to the vague and empty promises of the incumbent All Progressive Congress administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The organisation stated; ‘As the Economist rightly states, the issues in 2019 are “popular frustration over the rise in joblessness and poverty (two of the biggest voter concerns) on Mr. Buhari’s watch, as well as growing insecurity in central Nigeria.”

Atiku’s campaign organisation also added; “No other candidate has the capacity to address these challenges, like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, under whose watch as Chairman of the National Council on Privatisation, Nigeria had her highest growth in job numbers.
Indeed, His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, is poised to translate the significant success he has made in his private business empire to the public sector. This anticipation is responsible for the momentum he now enjoys in all the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
For the past one year, Mr. Abubakar has traversed the length and breadth of Nigeria, selling his plans, vision and policies to Nigerians. Unfortunately, rather than do the same, the All Progressive Congress has focused on negative campaigning by slandering Mr. Abubakar’s past.
We are not surprised by their actions. When a man’s future intimidates people, they focus on lying about his past because they cannot compete in the present. However, we thank The Economist for proving that no matter how far and fast falsehood has traveled, it must eventually be overtaken by truth.
For now, we remind Nigerians that Atiku means JOBS. And by providing the atmosphere for Jobs, Opportunity, Being United (JOBS), Atiku Abubakar is ready to Get Nigeria Working Again.


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