President Buhari has announced National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the head of the APC Campaign Council.

Tinubu was previously announced as the Co-Chairman but President Buhari during his inauguration of the Presidential Campaign Council of the party said he will like to concentrate on governance, hence Tinubu’s new responsibility.

President Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

What Did Buhari Say About The APC’s Preparation For The Elections?

The President said he will try to be as involved as possible with governance not suffering the ripple effect of his engagement.

He called for all party members and those selected as members of the council to work hard to ensure the success of the party at the polls.

“Even though we have only 40 days, this campaign is going to tax us all, because we intend to touch all corners of our great and vast country.

President Buhari leads other mbers of the APC Presidential Campaign Council to give the Next Level sign.

President Buhari, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, and National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole take a photo with members of the women’s wing of the APC

“But I must also add that, though we will all be deeply involved, I would like to assure the nation that I will do my part without making governance or my work suffer.

Buhari said the head of the campaign, Tinubu, will be on a 24-hour vigil to ensure the party is victorious. “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, my co-chairman, will be fully in charge, and is going to be on 24-hour vigil.

“That is to say, the operational buck of this campaign stops at his table, and I therefore urge all of us in the leadership of this campaign, in the field operations on the campaign trail and in the secretariat to consult with Asiwaju whenever guidance is needed.”

Buhari Calls For Issue-Based Campaign

President Buhari said the campaign council members should ask people for issues they are facing and compare the differences between 2015 and 2019.

He also asked for the party’s leadership to be focused during the campaign.

President Buhari inaugurated APC Presidential Campaign Council

“Let us engage our citizens on issues and ask for reflection on the comparative difference between 2015 and 2019 on security, economy and corruption and abuse by those entrusted with leadership in Nigeria.

“As we embark on the campaign to secure mandate for the next level, I want to acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions of all stakeholders who have endeavored to keep our party united, and our governance successful,’’ he added.

Buhari Calls For Cooperation Among Party Members

President Buhari harped on the need for cooperation in the party, adding that directorates in the council will support the party, and help to achieve its aim.

“I wish to appeal to all members to be guided by the enduring vision behind the formation and sustenance of our party, which is anchored, on sacrifice and imperative to salvage and stabilize our great and promising nation.

President Buhari and other APC chieftains in boisterous moods as they pose for photos

“I appeal to all our members, and especially those who are in the campaign council, to unite and cooperate and ensure a smooth operation.

“Needless to add, Directorates could co-opt on full or part-time basic persons who could add value to our campaign and help us to attain success,’’

What Did Buhari Say About Delegation Of Duties?

”To my mind, the division of responsibility is clear enough. The Leadership that has formulated the campaign policy will supervise its execution; the Director-General will have overall responsibility for all aspects of the campaign, including field operations; while the Secretary will be responsible for all administrative and treasury-related activities of the council.”

What Buhari Said About Free And Fair Elections

”The quality of elections since 2015 has continued to improve with declining levels of problems that have defined elections in the past. Free, fair and credible elections are the foundation of political stability and peace in any nation.

We have insisted that votes must count and have maintained a policy of non-interference in elections. INEC has so far since 2015, conducted fair and credible elections in 195 constituencies nationwide, which have been attested nationwide to be qualitatively better than previous elections.

Let me reiterate my commitment to free and fair elections. If there is one legacy I want to leave is the enthronement of democracy as a system of government. And for democracy to be enthroned, elections must be free and fair. That means citizens have a right to vote for candidates of their choice without intimidation in any form. I have warned INEC and security agencies to that effect.

We will keep insisting that votes must count. Our campaigns will be anchored on our performance in the last four years. There is no doubt that our party has succeeded in taking Nigeria to a new level of enduring peace, economic growth political stability, justice and progress. This is the new level we are promising Nigerians, the details of which we will take to Nigerians as we embark on our campaigns.”

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