American President, Donald Trump has accused China of meddling in its November midterm election.

Trump, speaking at the U.N Security Council meeting said he preaches peace and is committed to see it happening, but China has been crossing its boundaries by trying to influence the election.

He said China is not happy with his presence and is working hard to see his government fail because he looked them in the eye and scuttled their trade deal.

He revealed the Chinese had enjoyed undue advantages all along and it was necessary he made that drastic decision to put things in place.

In my remarks yesterday to the United Nations General Assembly, I laid out my administration’s commitment to building a more just and peaceful future.

“Regrettably, we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election coming up in November against my administration.  They do not want me, or us, to win because I am the first President ever to challenge China on trade.  And we are winning on trade.  We are winning at every level.  We don’t want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election,” he said.

The U.S had filed trade sanctions against China in a bitter Trade War that has been on for sometime now. China has also increased tariffs on goods purchased by the U.S as both nations vie for superiority.

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