President of the United States, Donald Trump has accused Russia and Iran of supporting Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad in his belligerent acts on his people.

In his address at the 73rd United Nations, UN Security Council meeting, Trump revealed that Iran’s nuclear programmes have created enough firepower for Assad to keep hurting the innocent people of Syria.

He said;

“I am honoured to be here today to chair this meeting of the United Nations Security Council.  It is also my privilege to welcome the distinguished Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, and other leaders and representatives here with us.  Thank you.
I also wish to warmly welcome Secretary General António Guterres for joining us.  Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary General.

The Security Council will now consider Item Two of the agenda.  I will make a statement in my capacity as the President of the United States of America:

It is a great honor to be here today at this U.N. Security Council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent importance concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

The nations of the world have long recognized that certain weapons are so dangerous, and can inflict so much suffering, that all of us have a vital interest in preventing their further development, spread, and use.
Since my inauguration, the United States has taken bold action to confront these sinister threats.

Many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons, but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons.

The United States was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons, and since World War I, we have led international efforts against the scourge of chemical warfare.
Most recently, in Syria, we have twice imposed severe consequences on the Assad regime for using chemical weapons against innocent civilians.”

Trump appreciated the efforts of U.K Prime Minister, Theresa May and French President, Emmanuel Macron towards ensuring there’s a massive reduction in the presence of nuclear weapons.

” I want to thank Prime Minister May and President Macron for their countries’ close partnership in those efforts last April.

The Syrian regime’s butchery is enabled by Russia and Iran.

The Iranian regime exports violence, terror, and turmoil.  It illicitly procures sensitive items to advance its ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the Middle East.

The regime is the world’s leading sponsor of terror and fuels conflict across the region and far beyond.  A regime with this track record must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon,” Trump said.

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