President Donald Trump has announced that the current United States ambassador to Canada, Kelly Knight Craft will step in as the new ambassador to the United Nations.

Who is Knight Craft replacing?

Knight Craft is expected to replace Nikki Haley, who resigned in October 2018 after noting that her decision to depart is a personal one.

“I think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else to do the job,” she said.

Kelly Knight Craft (photo credit- The Guardian

What did Trump say?

Trump announced Knight Craft nomination on Twitter saying

‘I am pleased to announce that Kelly Knight Craft, our current Ambassador to Canada, is being nominated to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly has done an outstanding job representing our Nation and I have no doubt that, under her leadership, our Country will be represented at the highest level. Congratulations to Kelly and her entire family’

How was Knight Craft nominated?

Although Trump had picked Heather Nauert for the position, she however withdrew her candidacy last week citing family reasons.

The Guardian reports that Knight Craft, who is married to Joseph Kraft, a billionaire coal magnate from Kentucky was recommended for the UN job by Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky senator and Republican majority leader.

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