Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's President.

The Presidency has revealed that the usage of card readers is not a constituent of the Electoral Amendment Bill.

In a Press Release from the Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly(Senate), Ita Enang, he stated that contrary to what is being widely reported, card readers were never part of the bill and the Presidency had since noted this.

Ita Enang stated that according to the bill forwarded to the Presidency on the 3rd of August 2018, there was no stipulations or suggestion on the use of card readers.

Enang clarified in the letter that the February 20 and June 27 bills transmitted to the President did not make it exclusively compulsory for the President.

However, he admitted that provisions were made for the possible use of card readers in both bills.

Furthermore, he observed that in the August 3rd bill transmitted to the President, the card reader had been expunged and wasn’t included, hence falsifying the claims of the Senate and the misled public.





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