Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria's President.

As at now, the Socio-Economic-Political including the Ethno-cultural and interpersonal/family cohesion train of the Nation is fast drifting into the oblivion and systematically grinding to a halt.

Even the needful solution of good governance, dividends of democracy and the much needed Restructuring/Refederation in line with the wishes of majority Nigerians has been greatly and grossly degraded in recent times to an “agbero” tactics and as to whether the Senate President, Distinguished Senator Bukola Saraki should be impeached or resign or continue in office as though that is the solution to the many challenges confronting the Nation.

The Senate President made open his preferred political platform to which his right of choice and freedom of association is guaranteed by the operating Constitution against the dictate of certain “powerful” cliques and so, heaven must fall on his head! What a misplaced priority in reality and distortion of facts and truth!

Nigeria had since drifted from the ideals of the negotiated Union of the Nation State as agreed by the founding fathers of the Nation.
Even the obnoxious but “managed” “unitary federalism” imposed on the populace by the military junta hitherto has further descended into the ridiculous and dangerous ethno-religious divides never known before in this dimension until the immediate last three years plus!
May God Almighty forbid that Nigeria is grounded to a complete halt as a result of the insensitivity of those in authority.

Many Nigerians have died; many are dying and many more may yet die earlier than usual while the majority of those alive now are hungry, sickly and dying in quantum on daily basis as a result of induced extreme hardship, terrorist attacks and avoidable unimaginable poverty foisted on the people which realities does not seem to bother the government of the day.

All they want now is to be “re-elected” in 2019 at all cost and by whatever means. They probably want to continue to rule the ‘living dead’ as the only government in history that had given political appointments to people who are long dead and buried. It does not matter to them even if there is nobody to govern in 2019 after being “re-elected”!
All they are concerned with is to consolidate their grip on power even if illegitimate for ever!

Otherwise, how does one explain that the quantum waste of human lives and massive bloodshed across the entire Nation like never before in the history of this Nation in a supposedly “peaceful” period in the last three years plus does not seem to matter to those in transient power and authority?

They don’t seem to bother whether you are alive or dead provided the slaves of certain local enclaves from foreign land keeps hold on “absolute” power even by proxy only for purely self aggrandizement and totally disconnected from the common good of all even if such power is acquired illegitimately at any and all cost over and above the freeborn and citizens!

Otherwise, how does one explain or justify the proposed construction of railway from anywhere in Nigeria to Niger Republic while the internal railway system in Nigeria is yet to be fully domesticated?
How does one justify the construction of a new refinery at Daura (of all places!) with oil pipelines not connected to anywhere in Nigeria but directly to Niger Republic while the refineries in the Oil producing areas of Nigeria and that in Kaduna are not functional?

They are now beating the drums of war masquerading it as “election”. A free, fair and credible election now appears to be history that can no longer be guaranteed by them even as direct beneficiaries of a free and fair electoral system.

No! They must win “elections” by whatever means having stolen our commonwealth dry in concealed corrupt practices in high places to finance the fraud called “elections” under the pretentious guise of nonexistent “integrity” of “Mr. Integrity”.

No other arm of government is spared of harassments and intimidation to achieve their premeditated ill conceived purpose.

The Judiciary is being cowed incrementally. The houses of Court Judges including Justices of Supreme Court of Nigeria were invaded at odd hours of the night for spurious and trumped up accusations that couldn’t stand even the rudiments and the rigours of Judicial due process.

They have again invaded the National Assembly – the only symbol of democracy in Nigeria with masked security agents thus preventing the Legislators and workers from carrying out their lawful duties!
They had earlier caused hoodlums to physically invade the National Assembly a few weeks ago and removed the legislative symbol of authority of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria even while the Senate was in full session in broad day light without any hindrance or repercussion. No arrests. No prosecution. No service of justice. End of story!
The private homes of the principal officers of the National Assembly were also invaded for no justifiable reason.
They have in fact rubbished and brought to great odium the image of our Nation in the face of all well meaning people and the international community.

Men of the forth estate of the realm were not left out either of the horrendous intimidation hook as Journalists are hounded into police detention for several months without trial contrary to the freedom of speech and association guaranteed by the operating Constitution.

Prominent Muslim clerics and other religious leaders are literally forgotten in unlawful incarceration if not killed by “unknown” agents while lawful Court Judgements are disobeyed with reckless abandon.

Those frustrated by the situation on ground who then yearned for a peaceful self determination had their lives harshly cut short and proclaimed terrorist even without taking up arms against anybody while the actual terrorists and mass murderers masquerading as “fulani herdsmen” enjoy unqualified subtle state protection and the boko haram terrorists are fed fat and equipped with Nigeria’s hard earned money. What an irony?!

They run the affairs of the Nation with unabashed impunity with brazen disregard for the provisions of of the operating Constitution. They spend trillions of Naira recklessly even on over priced military equipment programmed to be “delivered” after the expiration of their current tenure in office without any appropriation of the National Assembly as required by law.
They keep to their oath of office and Constitutional provisions more in the breach while remaining largely unaccountable to the citizens in all spheres.

Now, they have retooled the military that is meant to protect the citizens against the very people they are supposed to protect.
They have laid ambush and are still laying foundations for total anarchy!

All these anomalies doesn’t really seem to matter to the government of the day. All they are interested in now is to be declared “winner” of 2019 “elections” by all fowl means possible.
To this end therefore, all oppositions must be crushed by all means even if it means to send as “little” as 30,000 armed policeman with legions of other men of the armed forces to enforce their “election” in a small Ekiti State of less than half a million voters; and, sending as “much” as less than a thousand policeman and soldiers to enforce peace in the crisis ridden Middle Belt of Nigeria where several innocent people are being killed daily by “fulani herdsmen”. What a priority turned on its head!

They have gone a step further in electioneering abracadabra! They have now invented and introduced a new terminology in our electoral processes called “vote buying”! All, in an effort to subvert the will of the people.

Do we really need any soothsayer to let us know that there are visible clouds of uncertainty in the political climate of Nigeria now?
There are even palpable apprehension in certain sensitive quarters and tension everywhere as to whether the proposed 2019 elections shall indeed come to past!…

Just imagine the siege on the only symbol of democracy – the Legislature and their principal officers.
Just imagine the siege on our justice system;
Just imagine the continuous haunting of the forth estate of the realm and detention of journalists without trial in the Law Court;
Just imagine the haunting of Citizens with state institutions like EFCC and instruments of death;
Just imagine the continuous killings by the “fulani herdsmen militia/terrorist” unhindered by state law enforcement apparatuses?!
Just imagine the rate at which our gallant soldiers are wittingly and/or unwittingly exposed to untimely deaths without commensurate compensations to their dependants in the hands of the so called “defeated” and “degraded” boko haram terrorists by the corruption ladened top brass of the military and their collaborators!
Just imagine the ongoing conspiracy and exploitation of Nigerians in the IDP camps;
Just before another humongous amount of money penciled by them to be wasted in another goose chase in the name of nonexistent elections;
Just before the coup d’etat against the National Assembly and in indeed against the people of Nigeria is perfected and given effect;
Just before the National Assembly is further cowed to appropriate and approve a walloping 242Billion Naira for INEC to “conduct” doubtful 2019 “elections” in the face of general unemployment and particularly graduates unemployment, decayed and nonexistent basic infrastructural facilities, massive poverty, diseases, sorrows, pains and deaths;
Just before many more innocent people get killed in the name of 2019 ‘elections’;
May this government realize that ALL POWERS BELONG TO GOD ALMIGHTY!
It is only God Almighty that gives power and He gives it to whomsoever He so pleases.

At the end of the day, ONLY The Will Of God Almighty For Nigeria Shall Prevail!

Professor Echefuna’ Rotimi G. ONYEBEADI
19/08/2018. 23:11.

Opinion contained in this article is strictly the writer’s and not Political Stew’s.

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